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    hey i am hoping to learn how to beat produce this summer, but i;ve never done it b4..... which software is recommended for to start of with. i only currently can do remixing for which i use sony acid pro 6.

    sugestions and replies much appriciated thanks.

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    If you know acid good enough you can produce in there. I look at it like all producing software you can do the same stuff, but theres always a good side of what it can do and a bad side of what it cant.

    I wouldn't wanna overwhelm you but i would just start off with something complex then you will be way ahead of your self in the future.

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    He just said pretty much what I was gonna type. The way you chop and mix your samples in Acid can be done with snares, claps, hi hats, etc. Even instrument loops, there's plenty of them available here on this site alone as well as all over the net. If I'm not mistaking I think Acid pro has instruments in it, maybe even vst compatibility who knows, I haven't messed with it too much. But as he said also, everything has it's ups and downs, so in that case, you gotta use things for what they can do, while using others that do what it can't.

    First and foremost you can't be afraid of reading, because that's the only way you will ever gain a deeper insight into what you're trying to do. I you read somthing and don't understand what the hell it means, it's still a start, because now you have a deeper understanding of what it is you need to know which in turn helps you have specific gaps available for filling when you come across cats and ask questions, because they'll break it down, but it will be just like the book, if you have something specific it's easier, the more you learn the more you'll see how that's a question that can't really be answered.

    Everyone hoots and hollars about Fruity Loops, Reason, Pro Tools, Cubase, etc. but a friend of mine made a clean ass banger out of this little program that came with tis computer magazine I buy every month just for the samples. It's $15, and every issue has a copy of that program on it and a bunch of new effects to add in, plus you can download more for free from the site. it's a very basic and dull looking program, but he made some ill ass shit on it. So it's more about what you know about how to manipulate sound as a whole.

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