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Thread: Reason 4 & ReBirth

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    Okay I've been wondering what the hell this shit is for.....I been googling it and so far what it seems is that I use it when I ReWire Reason into something else. Does anyone have any other eye openning info on this? Shed some light on it please and does anyone use it?
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    Ummm matter of fact it says its not even installed wtf!
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    Default Re: Reason 4 & ReBirth

    i get the same message. i went to propellerhead's website, searched for rebirth and it's been discontinued.
    Propellerhead Software
    but they offer rebirth 2.0.1 for free dl now at
    The ReBirth Museum
    but i didn't feel like registering and downloading it right now (it's a emulation of a roland tr-303, tr-808 and tr-909).

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    Yea I found the same site through or some shit which I found some other interesting ReFills and shit might be useful for those wierd Lil Bro. rap style type dudes. I ended up dl ReBirth though. I might post it just in case some one finds use for it.
    "Dreams Are The Luxury Of Children'


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