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Thread: Raw Vocal Recordings Question

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    ok so i got a rode nt1-a condensor mic which is great n i feel like its too advanced for me but i wanted to start off with good quality equipment.

    but anyway i was wondering when you record vocals and do not EQ or adjust it in anyway, is it always supposed to sound very low quality? before i even touch the vocals they sound way too bassy and dark and damp (best words i can think of) and i have to EQ the shit out of it to make it sound decent (to the best of my ablities).

    when i had these cheap lil $20 walmart headsets with a lil mic attached my raw recordings sounded a lot better and i didnt have to EQ it as much n there seems to be minor differences in quality of sound after EQ'ing. I would like to assume im jus not great at mixing and need work, or maybe its the way im recording? i use a cheap lil $20 pop screen and take my ass in the closet with da door closed to record, got nowhere else to do that it maybe?

    and what is a good program for EQ'ing vocals? im using fruity loops 8 to EQ in the mixer and acid pro 5 to lay down the vocals and i use a yamaha audiogram interface...i hear that might have an effect on whatever hardware is plugged to it. any tips would be appreciated

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    yes, i was in the same situation 4 years ago, when i got into the recording game. But yea, you have to EQ Compress, and pretty much MIX ur mic's sound. Its going to take some time, but you'll get it to sound nice. Keep at it, i personally like to EQ the recordings first, get rid of some of the nasty lows, and brighten the sound up a lil bit, then compress the vocals so it has more natural dynamics.

    heres a song me and a couple of friends did, (im on the hook, and the last verse, and i made the beat)

    Fire.mp3 - DivShare


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