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Thread: R&B/Up Tempo Club Type Slump

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    Default R&B/Up Tempo Club Type Slump

    I can't seem to get outside of the R&B/ club banga type slump! I don't know what to do. But I was talkin to someone and they said R&B & that club type shit is where the money is.

    In my opinion I'd rather have the respect of the producer community as well. Not just come up on R&B....don't get me wrong I love me some R&B but I'd rather hear some supa gangsta shit like the "Deathwish" track by Jada ft. Lil Wayne! I don't like to listen to too much of other peoples shit because I some how some way end up mimic'ing a producers work or come very close to it. So listening to hot ass just str8 hard shit would help but, wouldn't ya digg....So I'm stuck! Kinda upset wit myself, like I have producers block

    So I'm taking suggestions!
    I was thinkin about starting to get into the whole flip this, category type but damn near everyone is on their Kanye sample shit these days! Not too many original beats out there THAT'S NOT SOME SNAP CRACKLE POP! In my opinion.....

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    Default Re: R&B/Up Tempo Club Type Slump

    Just my thoughts....but leave feedback & suggestions
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    Default Re: R&B/Up Tempo Club Type Slump

    As a producer, you need to be versatile.
    Just practice making the beats that you usually don't.
    Studying other producers also helps. Not biting but just hearing how and what they do,

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