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Thread: Question bout Screwed Up (Slowed Down) Vocals

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    Default Question bout Screwed Up (Slowed Down) Vocals

    Like if Im making a beat at 70 bpm and I want somebodys voice screwed up how do I get it just to screw and not slow down so itll still be on beat?
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    Default Re: Question bout Screwed Up (Slowed Down) Vocals

    haha, i just answered this question on a different thread, except to make it higher.
    if you're using fl studio, go to the sampler options (the pop up window) and put the 'time' knob on zero (to the left) and the 'mult' knob on zero (straight up). If you just use the 'pitch' knob, it will change the pitch wihout changing the time stretch.

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    Default Re: Question bout Screwed Up (Slowed Down) Vocals

    use goldwave
    GoldWave - Audio Editing, Recording, Conversion, Restoration, & Analysis Software
    go to
    effect > time warp > change % = 75% or 50%
    it will "screw" the song for you, it's alot faster than screwin' it in flstudio.
    here's some user id and licenses to get rid of the "toll limits".
    Goldwave 5.25 + ID with Licenses (download torrent) - TPB
    the first one on the list works, i just used it to unlock goldwave on my pc.

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