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    I haven't been fucking with music production for a long time. At least, up until now I was never really dead serious about it. Kinda used to just make up nice sounding loops and thought I was doing something. (HAHA!) But anyways, I was wondering, is it possible to make a decent beat by just using FL Studio? Like, by decent I mean, the beat doesn't sound like it was actually made in Fruity Loops. Cause I'm in college right now, so I'm pretty hard up on cash and can't really afford to throw around what little I do have. So I don't have anything external. (as in an MPC or AKAI or whatever) Just my comp, FL Studio, plugins, Cool Edit Pro, and samples I've gotten off here.

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    wrong part of the forum

    try :

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    You can make some real decent tracks using just that, i never have but my cousins good at doing it.

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    explore through the FL Bible... its actually easier than u think... u have to use generators and effects... smooth this and that out... and voulah!


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