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Thread: Producers Without Hardware

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    Default Re: Producers Without Hardware

    ^ u dont use turn tables to make beats! how would u do that?

    turn tables are a great DJ tool, but not for beat making...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DubZ BeatZ
    ^ u dont use turn tables to make beats! how would u do that?

    turn tables are a great DJ tool, but not for beat making...
    are you retarded? how do you think people made beats back in the 80's?

    turntables don't have to be for scratching, i meant for recording vinyl into your sampler/hard drive

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    Default Re: Producers Without Hardware

    instruments and synthesizers were around in the 80s as well, but ok...

    for recording? You cant just slap down a record and make a drum beat with it, you can take a sample from it and place it into your hardware, which is what i think you just tried to say? but that is not at all "using" turn tables to "make" a beat... that was just your sample source.

    ill leave the retarded comment go, and you can think about what you've just said
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    Default Re: Producers Without Hardware

    Lol ^

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    Default Re: Producers Without Hardware

    i started out with a cheap keyboard and a fostex 8 track , i would play all the notes over and over.......then i found out about fruity loops....i learned the playlist{sequencer} and i got it knockin......cpl summers later i find reason ....dope sounds and a cool sequencer with a good controlller feel .....just seemed to capture my performances with the keyboard real smooth , plus it has quantitization that is real easy to use ........that said i started to look at hardware more and i purchased an mpc 2000 classic for 400...fully workin ......i wanted to see the overall difrence.....being that i started on software and all....the sound of the mpc is deffitnetly diffrent......the feed out of the mpc is real hot yet you dont have to clip........ i dumped the mpc into pro tools and then i dumped the reason stems and even though i had pump the reason sounds with all the fx they were all low compared to the mpc......i guess i can get a real groove with swing outta reason too.....but the sound is not the same especially for drums......being that said i guess that when your in this particular game your sound is be it instruments sound modules mpc's the mv and yes software....when it comes to your sound you want it all........sure you can start with a pc and a keyboard and thats dope ......but dont cut yourself short by reducing your sound pallete and yes that does mean sound characteristics as well.......

    mpc 2000 classic ..... rode nt-1 mic
    custom built pc runnin 1 gig .... mxl 990
    pro tools...... presonus tube pre
    cubase ....... alesis 3630 compresor
    wavelave ..... beyer dynamic dt 770 headphones
    fruity loops ...... mbox 2
    reason .... axiom 25 key keyboard
    shit load of vst refills .... mpd 16
    cpl gigs of drums ..... m audio bx 5 monitors
    yamaha mg mixer ...... jackson guitar ...cpl acoustics and a fender j bazz......
    120 watt crate amp ..... dunlop crybaby pedal ...digitech rg100

    ill post up some pictures soon
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    Default Re: Producers Without Hardware

    i started wit no hardware and still dont have hardware
    i make all my beats on fruity loops, i sample,chop everything
    its just easier for me to do it wit a mouse then wit like a beatmaker machine
    but hey if i knew how to mess wit that kind of equipment id use that cause
    using actual hardware brings out ya creativity alot better and faster than regular mouse on fruity loops

    "If it ain't serious than it ain't music"

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    Default Re: Producers Without Hardware

    i use fl studio without hardware and my beats are great but i know they would be better with hardware

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    Default Re: Producers Without Hardware

    FL Studio
    Adobe Audition

    Korg TR
    M-Audio Delta 44
    Samson monitors
    Behringer B2 mic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tha Producer View Post
    if you are a real producer you'll never use loops i think.
    It doesnt matter what program you use. Its the final outcome of the beat. Dont blame the final outcome of the beat on the program, blame it on yourself.

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    Never touched hardware in my life - never will i dont think - unless i get signed - get myself sum mad percussion shit and a motif prolly - but till that day - software til then haha...
    Check my shit - u'll be surprised i use no hardware, i promise

    Andd for all those who think fruity is shit , thats what i use.. Haha...
    Leave comments on me n wot u guys think

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    Default Re: Producers Without Hardware

    to each is own i had an mpc 2000xl for a year and NEVER used it. i think i made one beat on it i always turned on my computer for fl studio before using the mpc. anything u can do using hardware can be done using software especially if ur pockets are thin fl studio some samples and some plugins is all u really need

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    Default Re: Producers Without Hardware

    all you need to do is sit down and studdy your software .....because if you have the right skills and techniques you can easily bring something with prof quality from the shitiest software ....i started with cool edit pro ,a litle mic and a toy key board
    and out of that i made good stuff , but then i moved up to fruity , with was better but still sounded shit i set myself down and listened to other beats made by profs and comparing with mine ..and at the end i was making really good stuff with only my software and my mouse , then got cash to buy hardware .....although it may be easy with hardware but you can still bring out result of the same quality with time and focus


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