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    I downloaded like every vst plug in but none of them work in my fruityloops. If it comes up it has no sounds. Need help yall

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    can u tell us which ones?

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    The albino, vanguard, kontakt player, basiclly every plug in in here. i dont think im installin them right or something

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    Damn 23 visits and no suggestions. Wow

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    You need to be more specific. You got them installed but when you try to use them there is no sound? If so click out of the vst into FL then click back in, also make sure you have a sound loaded in.


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    Ya all vst sometimes have different requirements and require manual installs of the libraries

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    make sure u didnt install rtas aka protool plugs cause some of those plug files are rtas and some are vst, make sure u installed the vsts to your fl plug in folder cause fl may not be able to find them.


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