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    Whats the name of that hit in Nexus that everybody is usin, i cant seem to find it.
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    I don't know, but if everyone is using it, the first thing I would try is to absolutely avoid it, so I don't sound like everyone else
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    idk what its called but i know what you're talking about..i had that on my old laptop..but what frozenjazz said

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    oh well, this is just because I hear always the same djjjjoooiing raising fx, in each and every beat... this is sooo boring...

    people here pir8te gigs and gigs of huge vsts and they finish using all the same sounds...

    But funnily enough, this made me wanting to try Nexus2 has this thing seems to be such a beast!

    EDIT: just finished the downloaded, tried the sounds... hmm that is just another sample player in fact...
    and the packaged sounds have been heard and reheard... so boring ...
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