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    I have begun beatmaking 5 months ago now, and i still don't succed to mix my tracks. I use Fl studio ,waves C1 for compression , waves req6 for Eq's and differents plug like hypersonic 2 or nexus. But my tracks doesn't sound clean . It's hard to explain, maybe you should listen to one to understand what i mean :

    there are : 1 lead, some strings and one arpeg

    THIS TRACK. It's really simple but this is just for exemple.

    So what's wrong ? Maybe sould I add some reverbs... IDK

    i hope you could help me thx u guys

    EDIT : Add some reverbs : HERE
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    Fruity Parametric EQ 2 is way easier to handle, waves C4 is better for compressing special frequencys of synths (which makes mixing easier again). furthermore cut out or decrease the frequencys of the synths, you don't need, if that doesn't help it, choose another synth. decreasing channel volume also helps a lot, if songs don't sound clean. make everything just as loud as needed, not as loud as possible, you'll see what i mean with that^^

    Reverb doesn't make anything cleaner, just more noisy and "unclean", if overused.

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    mixing is an art of its own .. it takes most people years to develop the proper ears to mix, honestly could you tell a 1db gain in the 20k range? a compressor or reverb will not make your track sound cleaner. a compressor balances out dynamics, in other words volume or intensity and a reverb gives spacial properties to a track. an eq would be the best way to clean up anything .. but dont od on it either as it has the power to greatly ruin a mix id say that basic mix is pretty mid-range sounding and all centered try panning some stuff. also sounds like you compressed a lot let some things ride
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