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Thread: midi out in fl 8.5?

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    Default midi out in fl 8.5?

    do any1 kno how 2 use the midi out funtion in the new fl studio 8.5? they switched it up in this version,thanx peaceluv

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    Default Re: midi out in fl 8.5?

    It doesn't work in beta 2 get beta 3

    You need to go to the top left of your synth. Its right across from where it used to be. Hit the gear icon. That will bring you into wrapper settings. Then assign the input port that you will be linking the midi out to.

    Now go into your vst list and select midi out. Then assign the output port to the same as you did for the synth.

    The processing tab is for getting your instrument channels into the FL mixer. It will only work if the vst supports it and can output multiple audio channels. It works fine with sampletank. They kinda fucked something up with hypersonic cuz it was working before when you select stereo. Now it only works when you choose mono output x2 or quad output. Maybe they'll fix that.


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