I've been making my beats on this while living in Korea
and I was in need of a bigger keyboard. But Akai, Novation & M-Audio midi keyboards in Korea are overpriced at 600,000+ won ($600) for the 49 keyboard. So my friend had told me last week that I can buy a used keyboard for the same price. I found a Korg Trinity for 700,000 won ($700) at the music marketcall Nakwon/낙원. Another shop had a Nord Lead 2 (not the Lead 2X) but is wasn't for sell. Then I ran into the Access Virus KB for 800,000 won ($800).

This was the only used keyboard worth spending 600,000 to 800,000 won on, they had a lot of other workstations/romplers from the 80's and 90's (the newer stuff is overpriced 'cause of import taxes).