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Thread: Make sounds "Quiver" in FL Studio?

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    Default Re: Make sounds "Quiver" in FL Studio?

    Yea I just found an easier way, gonna make a tutorial on Youtube then up it on here.

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    Default Re: Make sounds "Quiver" in FL Studio?

    yes, many VSTs have got something called the "Spread" modulator. guess what its function is can't wait for the tutorial, though. if I really did it way more complicated than necessary, i need to know how u did it (to save time and stuff).

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    Default Re: Make sounds "Quiver" in FL Studio?

    Quote Originally Posted by Firedancer View Post
    to get a nice stereo effect do this:
    sidechain a LFO to the panning modulator. that's all. to do so, do this:

    - link instrument to mixer channel
    - insert a fruity peak controller and deactivate muting (lower right of the small window)
    - set the LFO to sine or triangle
    - set the LFO speed as you wish
    - link the panning modulator of the instrument or the mixer channel (doesn't matter) and you've got a nice and panned sound.

    if you didn't quite got my little tutorial, there are a lot of more on youtube.

    have fun!
    How do you link the panning modulator to the controller? I right clicked and set 'Link to Controller' but how do know which number to set it to?

    And thanks man, appreciate the advice.

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    Default Re: Make sounds "Quiver" in FL Studio?

    to link something to a controller (midi) you click on link to controller and move the knob on your midi that you want to assigin it to, i learned this last night as a matter of fact lol

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    Default Re: Make sounds "Quiver" in FL Studio?

    look on youtube for FL9 sidechain tutorial, that's basicy how I link the peak controller (which contains an LFO) to the sound. there are a lot of them out there^^

    and don't forget to name the peak controller, otherwise it can be reeaally hard to find the right one, if you start using more than 2 or 3 of them.

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    Default Re: Make sounds "Quiver" in FL Studio?

    Not quiet the same but the flangus plugin in FL has a preset called surround flanger that pans left to right and back, but you would have to adjust the panning speed manually

    the stereo enhancer is also a good plugin to play with


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