yo! I just wanted to let all of you know that I recently started my own website/blog, TheGunfire.com. Don't Ask me why I named it that. The point i'm getting to is that I'm looking for some good producers and maybe even anyone who wants to contribute. You don't gotta be famous or nothing I just want talent and people who know their way around their programs since the site is all based around music production. I'm looking to feature some producers, who use different programs, and interview them. FREE PUBLICITY?! Also you can say you've been spotlighted on website and put it on your resume or whatever you do. I'm looking for the best at everything. For example the best remixer, sampler, or whatever you think your good at.

If you're interested in getting your name and beats published on a website leave a reply and a link to your shit. Also leave an email address.

The site is pretty new but it's gonna go big fo sho.