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Thread: Latency in Cubase SX3/Reason ReWired

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    When I try to use Reason in Cubase as a rewired program I always run into the problem of a crazy late delay! I press a button and 30 minutes later I hear something (over-exxagrrated!). What do I do to get this on track??? I need help with this so please help me out because I really wanna benefit from the cubase/Reason 4 ReWire experience. And use these VST programs.

    I got Cubase sx3 from off here and wheneva I try to use the program and rewire Reasosn 4 into it the playback has a crazy delay!! Anyone know how to fix that?

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    Do you have the sound drivers set to Full duplex or multimedia? If your using a onboard soundcard then its probably better to use asio4all v2. When rewiring you will still get some kind of delay, especially with onboard soundcards. Try that out and see if you notice a difference.

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    I don't know anything about that my dude. I don't know where to make those changes or anything either.

    But regardless I will have a delay? So what can I do to fix the issue?
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