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Thread: It dosent fit..

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    Default It dosent fit..

    I got this chior melody for this one beat i was workin on...
    it sounds jus the way i want it.. but the whole melody comes out to
    3bars... i'm at skoo now so i can't check da tempo..
    but if i speed it up to have it loop at 4 bars the tempo is gunna be 140+
    if i want to make it loop at 2 bars its gunna be like 80-..
    ne of yall ever had this prob...
    i want ma drums to sound right over it instead of all spaced out n shit...

    I added sum thin for a bar so tha verse would add up to 16 (3X5=15.. +1=6).. but
    at the end of tht bar it sounds like tha hook is endin when it's part of the 16.. if tht makes sense..
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    Default Re: It dosent fit..

    If your using FL then try going to options>Project general settings this is a easy way to speed the sequencer up. Mess with the beat and bar things. I used to make drum rolls like this with out having it in piano roll when I first started using it. It may not be your case just a suggestion.

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    Default Re: It dosent fit..

    maybe chop the sample and switch the melody a lil to make it fit 4 bars

    or use it 3 bars for the 15 then on the last one switch it up for a breakdown before the chorus & in the middle and the end of the chorus

    unless its a beat for rich boy or somethin he uses 12 bar verses sometimes

    throw some D's - 12/8/8/8/16 (I think thats right, it fooled me when I was makin a beat for it)

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