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Thread: Installing Reason 3.0

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    Default Installing Reason 3.0

    i had to get my computer fixed a little while ago and reason got deletedfrom it , so i've downloaded the 3 iso's again to get it back on m computer.

    i was hoping someone knew what program it was that opened up the files to install it, i'm having a bit of trouble remembering what it was


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    Default Re: Installing Reason 3.0

    Do u know how to extract all the .zip or .rar files so that everythings not split??

    For a program to run ISO's Go here - THE DAEMONS HOME I alwayz used 3.47 and never had a problem. Once you install it correctly open daemon tools and look at the right of the taskbar you will see a the icon. Right click it and go to Virtual CD/DVD-ROM set number of devices. I usually choose 1. Now right click the icon again and go to Virtual CD/DVD-ROM then Mount Image and look for the first reason disc.

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    Default Re: Installing Reason 3.0

    i dwnloaded Reason..n tried to install it but it said that i need a cd

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    Default Re: Installing Reason 3.0

    ^yea i got the same! please!!

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    Default Re: Installing Reason 3.0

    how bout jus go get reason 4.0 in the other downloads section and then extract it with winrar
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    Default Re: Installing Reason 3.0

    thats what i already did... i downloaded reason 4 installed it and when i start it... it says i need to put in a reason dvd to continue..

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    Default Re: Installing Reason 3.0

    If you're on a Mac, you can mount a disk image with Toast. Whether you use PC or Mac, even though you don't need to waste a cd or dvd for installs I recommend burning the important apps anyway. Just in case of a major crash, drive failure, emergency, replacement, etc. Ya never know. I don't burn ALL of them, just the ones you KNOW you'll need to reinstall if something happens.

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