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Thread: I need help wit a sample

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    Default I need help wit a sample

    i need help with a piano sample from a westcoast kit and nothing sounds right with it kicks clap or snares i also need help with making better sound for my beats and better sound patterns please tell me wat i need to do to put this on beat and make better sounds!!!!

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    The better sound and better beats is all up to you every true producer has his own sound. no two sound the same. In terms of techniques, google these topics...
    how to pan 5.1 stereo
    Stacking Samples
    beat optimizing
    how to create sub bass
    those are ways that i found out about techniques. Just basically think of exactly what to do

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    Default Re: I need help wit a sample

    Well to make better sounds, u need to know how to program a synthesizer.
    If u want to make better melodies, I suggest u learn how 2 play piano.

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