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Thread: HowToGetThatSound Like BlokTrappas U.MG.

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    Icon1 HowToGetThatSound Like BlokTrappas U.MG.

    In order to get that masterd effect along with that professional quality tell me what software u use and listen to my beats for an

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    Really software wont cut. Ive been using software for 5 years now, and it wont sound the same as if u mixed it down and ran it thru analog.

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    i disagree, those mixes actually arent that great (i hate it when compression is used too much for the sake of loudness). all you need to do is work on your mixes, remember that all instruments dont go in the middle............pan those mofos. on the master bus i use a limiter and a sonic maximizer and tweak to my liking. try using a vst called alloy its a all in one solution

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    Dowload My new single and rate the quality....soundclick dot com backslash bloktrappasumg

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