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Thread: How To Make Acapellas ??

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    Default How To Make Acapellas ??

    I've been lost trying to figure this out! I watched this video on youtube

    Then I saw this video

    So if anybody can help me figure out how to create my own DIY Acapellas plz contact me asap!
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    Why not just go download a clean acapella instead of DIY??....Unless you cant find an acapella..then thats a different story. But i've never been able to clean up an acapella clean enough to be able to use it...but good luck anyway


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    Get a song and get its instrumental okay? Now in your Daw, (Protools, Nuendo Etc.) Highlight the instrumental and invert it (theres a menu somewhere but this just mirrors the sound waves from the original) now if you line them up just perfectly with each other you'll be left with an acapella BECAUSE when two Opposing waves hit each other they cancel out each other thus Killing the instrumental and leaving just the vocals. Cool Beans. so if the bottom of a wave is like this > line it up the the one just like it like this < so its ><. should work if not make sure they are identical clean mixes of both.


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