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Thread: How to get the perfect mix on songs..

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    Default How to get the perfect mix on songs..

    1. record the song and keep it neat designate different tracks for your choruses, verses, doubles, adlibs, and rhyme words...

    2. when you get done mix the track to the best of your ability but dont do a very heavy mix.

    3. bounce your track to a wav. file then DONT convert... you have to get a program that encodes files... i use wavelab to encode y wav files into mp3s... converting the mp3 will make you lose fidelity and quality..

    4. Listen to your mix in the car... i use a fm transmitter to transmit the audio right to my car without having to burn a cd... but you can either burn a cd or if you are technologically savvy you can listen to it on the car radio through a mp3 player or a phone...

    5. when you get in the car reset the bass, treble,mid,fade, and balance all back to default ( put all of the sliders back in the middle)

    6.a car radio gives the best sound to a song so listen carefully to the whole song more than once and remember what changes need to be made... you can even right them down...

    7. finally go back and make the changes until your final product sounds perfect and compare the car mix to the studio monitor mix and practice it until you develop the ear for mixing...

    a lot of people always say that their mix from the studio monitors always sounds different in the car and a perfect mix always sounds good in the car so using this method will kill t birds with one stone.... i know its repetitive work but the end product will sound perfect...
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    Default Re: How to get the perfect mix on songs..

    i tolttally agreee mad propz

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    Default Re: How to get the perfect mix on songs..

    me too. if u have the option, try to mix listen and mix on different sound systems (1-way PC speaker, 2-way speakers, 2.1 speaker set, 3-way speakers etc.). this is the way me and my friend produce, mix and master our tracks and it works pretty fine.

    the room you're in while listening to the track is also a big thing. instead of using 1000 different sound systems, there is also the option to mix in different rooms. also the sound changes much, if the speaker's positions change.

    a little OT: I actually do the final changes after listening to the tune in a car, too. i kind of lol'd after reading your post

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    Default Re: How to get the perfect mix on songs..

    Totally agree with the car!!
    I do the same for each beat.
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    Default Re: How to get the perfect mix on songs..

    People who engineer songs for radio play EQ the songs on car speakers. It's good practice to listen to it on headphones, car speakers, ear buds, just to make sure it's atleast not to heavy on any part of the mix.

    This is great a great list dude.
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