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Thread: How do i get this Sound?

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    Default How do i get this Sound?

    Sup Yall

    i'm tryin to get that sound shawty redd used on the track Trap Or Die by Young Jeezy. It's a whistle or a alert-sample or something. i heard that sound on some beats allready.

    the sound comes in at 00:14
    and i am not talkin about the pizzicato.

    here is the youtube link

    YouTube - Trap or Die


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    Default Re: How do i get this Sound?

    you must b new to this

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    Default Re: How do i get this Sound?

    I'm pretty sure that's just a basic pitched sine wave. Nothing special.
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    Default Re: How do i get this Sound?

    u could always chop the sample urself just convert it to a wav and chop the sound in sound recorder on ur computer only problem wit dat is it will only be a one shot sample

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    Default Re: How do i get this Sound?

    Man Thats So Easy. If You Use Fruity Loops The Sound Is Called Sci-fi 4

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