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Thread: Getting Started Creating and Selling Beats - Will Anyone Offer Some Help.

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    Icon14 Getting Started Creating and Selling Beats - Will Anyone Offer Some Help.

    Getting Started Creating and Selling Beats - Will Anyone Offer Some Help.

    I'm a newcomer to the beat scene and I would like some help as which Beat
    software I should get started with.

    As long as I can afford it, I would prefer a software package that I will not
    have to change and upgrade after a few months into Beat creation. What do
    you suggest ???

    I really would prefer to be "All software" on my Laptop without all the heavy
    gear many folks use. Apart from anything else I don't have a whole lot of room
    for hardware and sound equipment in my apartment.

    If this project does not work out . . . I know I will still be able to sleep at night.

    I see this whole thing as a fun project but I am still prepared to take the whole
    thing serious.

    I really ready to do what it takes . . . within reason, and I can keep costs easy.

    If you feel you would like to offer a helping hand . . . then please post your
    stuff here.

    I don't know where all this will take me, buy I guess nothing ventured - nothing

    That's it for now . . . Be seeing you.

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    Default Re: Getting Started Creating and Selling Beats - Will Anyone Offer Some Help.

    These days in doesn't really matter which DAW (Digital audio workstation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) you choose to use. They all have pretty much progressed to an area that you can create amazing music with which ever you choose, its all about which seems visually appealing to you and easy for you to understand. There are many out there to choose from but here's a list that I would consider to be the best choices. (My Opinion, people may use DAWs not in the list and still make amazing music)

    Pro Tools
    Ableton Live
    FL Studio

    Any of these listed can be used to get you started and will still be a top rated DAW long into your professional career if you stick with it. I wont list the prices of any of these but I will tell you, this isn't a "cheap hobby". Do your research on each one to find out which you like best before you go out and buy one. Most of them should have trial versions with X amount of days of full features to play with and see if you like it, If you choose to pirate your software, well that's your choice.

    If you start getting into creating some music and stick with it for awhile because you really do enjoy it then I would say look into buying some Studio Monitors, regardless of wanting to be "all laptop" and you considered plugging some "decent" computer speakers you may have around your house. Invest in some quality Studio Monitors and a sub-woofer and you wont regret it, they will really help you in mastering you music as best you can outside of a professional studio.

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    Default Re: Getting Started Creating and Selling Beats - Will Anyone Offer Some Help.

    Like Ex said, most DAWs have advanced to the same technology. Mostly DAWs these days are just a matter of preference .. though, if you want a DAW you don't have to constantly upgrade then FL Studio is the choice. Two prime reasons; FL Studio 11 was just released a few days ago and the fact that you get "Lifetime Free Upgrades". Pro Tools 11 was just announced if you wanna wait it out a few weeks and they usually have a year to two year upgrade schedule. Reason is pretty fast as 6.5 was quickly jumped to 7 which was just announced (I've gotten burned personally by this one). Logic is a bit old and rumored a new version. Ableton is another safe bet as the new version just came out about a month ago. So as long as you don't go for Logic you're pretty safe on the upgrade thing. Though FL Studio is my recommendation if you really want the cheapest upgrading system.

    What I would do is go down to GuitarCenter or Sam Ash if you have one in your area and ask to play around with their DAWs. Find what you believe looks best intuitive to your learning patterns. If that's not an option YouTube is your best friend.

    Like Ex also said, this is not a cheap hobby or profession. Those of us that are serious spend hundreds and thousands or dollars to get the best sound we possibly can. Start in the box (all software) with a pair of K240s studio cans (they're hidden gem, flat, and extremely affordable). If you like it, upgrade with a piano or drum machine. Studio monitors (speakers) and acoustic foam so that you can properly mix are next. Just remember not to settle for something because it's cheap - you buy cheap, you buy twice. There are very few exceptions to that rule (like the K240s).

    The last advice I have is to not focus so much on selling beats from the jump off. If you're going into this solely for the money, then I would consider a different hobby. It's not something you're going to learn overnight and make millions off of. Learn the art because there is an interest, the money will follow when your talent is built up. It's like cooking - love is the most important ingredient.
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    Default Re: Getting Started Creating and Selling Beats - Will Anyone Offer Some Help.

    Personally, I believe that completely software based songs take too long to make and don't income fast enough to justify their creation. Production studio should be constructed with an equilibrium of hardware and software, accompanied with standard acoustic treatment. Based on current products on the market today, Abelton is leading the way to a virtually limitless compatibility between hardware and software; especially with the release of the new Abelton Akai Push. I strongly urge you to check it out.


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