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Thread: G Funk Style Bassline?

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    Default G Funk Style Bassline?

    what up famo..I gotta a quicc question..
    I've been listening to some old RnB songs and some west coast ish..
    and i'm feelin the baslines...sounds like they use the pitch bend...why cant I get my bass to sound like that..?
    also what kind of bass is that used in majority of G-Unit beats?
    it was all over the Beg for Mercy CD..."Eye for Eye",

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    Default Re: G Funk Style Bassline?

    Do u mean when the key slides to another one?
    Shits called portamento.
    I know some plug-ins automatically have it on certain synths or basses, but Im not sure how to set it up.

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    Default Re: G Funk Style Bassline?

    yea i guess when it slides..
    you can hear it on alot of older RnB beat music like some damn...Keith Sweat and more ish

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