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Thread: FL8 XXL install trouble.....HELP!

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    Icon8 FL8 XXL install trouble.....HELP!

    Im trying to install FL8 on my computer and it will go through all the motions but its one part (mda.Piano?) that keeps giving me trouble during installation.

    It keeps saying wont install...I know it isnt the d/l bcuz ive d/l it on another computer and it works installed with no problems.

    I put the file on a flash drive and Im installing it from there...could that be the problem? I had FL7 on the same computer and didnt have any problems with i dont know what it could be.

    Anybody have any ideas?

    Ms. Jackson if ya nasty.

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    Default Re: FL8 XXL install trouble.....HELP!

    First off is the issue of FL8 XXL store bought or did you get a burn copy from someone you know? Sometimes if you get a copy that wasn't bought it might be missing a file from the original. The mda.piano soundz like a instrument that comes with the Factory sound bank for FL8 and it might be missing or either corrupt. Im sure its not the serial or registration code cause you said that it would install up to that point, but to me it really soundz like that file is missing from the program itself. You also said that FL7 would install just fine, but When you get the upgrade from that(FL8) its almost sure to have New files in it.

    You might want to try and see if it installs on someone else's computer, and if you did get a burn copy you need to ask the person you got it from to just give you the original. If you got the original out the store, you gotta take that boy back a.s.a.p. But to me it sounds like its defenitley a file missing from the software itself or the file is corrupted or your computer isn't reading it at all.

    Hope you get that bad boy working so you can get back to work! Hate it when a producer has them problemz.

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    Default Re: FL8 XXL install trouble.....HELP!

    The problem most likely you installed on a flash drive. When you install stuff on a computer there's other places the files go besides the directory you installed it in. Also keep in mind that your registry entry's will only be on the computer you installed it on making it possible for you to use it, but not on another computer unless you install it again on theirs. Its best to just install it on your main drive. There's downloads that say portable in the title made for stuff like flash drives you might have better luck with those. I never tried the portable FL so I cant really say if it works well or not.

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    Default Re: FL8 XXL install trouble.....HELP!

    maybe you can to try to disinstaller and later to installer...


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