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    I need sum mixer tips for fl studio from anyone.Tell me sum settings that you use for drums and snares and hi hats.Do you use Free Filter? Do you use the fruity compressor? let me know. Peace!

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    Experiment and figure it out on your own you will be grateful later, giving you settings won't help you. Word of advice the effects for fl studio are not that great, with some major tweaking you can achieve some decent results, you should try to get the Waves Diamond Bundle Package for effects.. hit up - Powered by vBulletin informative forum

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    For my drums I almost always use Maximus, or the SoundGoodizer.

    Sometimes, I'll use that in conjunction with the Fruity Reverb2, and I increase the stereo seperation but turn down the echo and increase the wetness a bit.

    But yeah thats just what i do, I agree with chronicX in that you should just experiment with everything until you find the right thing fer you

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