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Thread: FL Studio Help. PLEASE

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    Default FL Studio Help. PLEASE

    So I recently formatted my computer cuz of a trojan, I installed fl studio 7xxl agian and got some VSTi's, and so on some vst's, when i try to use them on FL, it just freezes up fl for some reason.

    anyone know why????

    it really sucks.

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    that fl version might be unstable or the pluggin might be maxing out your cpu processor, those are the first two things that came to mind.

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    Default Re: FL Studio Help. PLEASE

    ok thx.
    ill try re-installing it, cuz i dont think its the Vst.

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    Default Re: FL Studio Help. PLEASE

    Which version are u usin?
    My version fucks up and freezes sometimes too.

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    Default Re: FL Studio Help. PLEASE

    i use 7xxl.
    but it never used to do that on my computer before i re-formatted it.

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