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Thread: Droppin 3 sample kits soon

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    Default Droppin 3 sample kits soon

    Okay, I've been on this website for a couple months, and I feel I ain't contributed enough, so what Im'a do is...

    Im'a make 3 sample kits, one is gon be called "Ace Kit"(which is my main sounds I use, and some I cut up and sampled, which is just about finished). It's basically a kit with crunk and dirty south sounds, like vocal chants, sounds, FX, percussion, 808's all that, my south producers will love this.

    The next one will be called "Famous/Mainstream Sounds"(which is for the newbies/whoever that wants to find all the sounds they hear on the radio, music videos, mainstream music, ya kno). It's gone include the snares you hear alot, the pizzicato's, the synth drop Just Blaze and Drumma Boy use, and some other shit, the new ones to the beat game will go crazy for this.

    And the last one is going to be "The Runners Samples" and on this one ya gotta trust me, b/c it ain't gon be no bullshit kit either, I really do have most the sounds they use, (b/c they are like my fav producers). It will include the horns, thier sub-bass, and some snares and effects they use, fans of The Runners will dig this.

    Anyways, thank you, I done came along way with this site, like I told RedJack when I barely learned how to organize and complete a beat, I thought I was going to be the next Runners, lol. But yeah, I'm out.

    EDIT: Will be all done maybe this week!
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    Default Re: Droppin 3 sample kits soon

    sounds good..

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    Default Re: Droppin 3 sample kits soon

    yeah bro i peeped that one out its cool lemme know when the other 2 come
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    Default Re: Droppin 3 sample kits soon

    where is the ACE KIT i downloaded it awhile ago and lost my hard drive and I can't find it anymore

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