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    What plugin do they use? Someone told me I got it and I have NO CLUE as to what knobs to play with to get a dirty south sound. Any help? Oh and I don't want to know about the drums, I already have some drum kits from the South.

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    i havent used albino so i cudnt tell u i plan on gettng it today if im not busy (and then ill post it) but i DO know that u have to have the presets for albino....well not HAVE to have but i think its good..i already have the presets but no plugin yet lol but ill post those too later as far as the drums u shud get long dragging ones and prolly use the bass boost in fl for a harder/louder kick.....use snare rolls and pan them...chants and bells help....theres alot u can do with dirty south beat jus do u
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    I use Albino a good bit and it is pretty good for Dirty South beats. You may also want to check out Predator (made by the same company), as it has some better DS presents (in my opinion, anyways).
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