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    whats good yall! basically im using reason 2.5 at the mo, and getting quite used to it!!! i want to start gettin used to other software so i can combine them and progress, i got a list of software thats available to me, just wondering what each of them is good at and whats the best huck up,

    Arturia storm 3
    IK Multimedia Sample Tank L
    Native instruments Intakt/Electric Piano/Organ etc

    thanks for your help peeps...

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    Default Re: different software...

    do u have sample tank, i need it
    i have Cubase Sx3, FL XXL 6 and tons more vsts if u want it

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    for mixin u shulde use cool edit but for somethin simple but similar.use mixcraft.its in tha other downloads section.for makin drum loops u shulde get beat craft.for some advanced stuff get some steinberg shit.for easy stuff get fl.for real simple shit go to best buy or shit and get tha software.i recommend magix

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    mixcraft is way too simple
    i use cool edit a lot,
    cubase is very powerfull program, good for mastering, but i dont like how the tools are set up and the workstation itself; but still use it from time to time


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