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Thread: Cubase 4 Issue's

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    Icon14 Cubase 4 Issue's

    Aite ppl this is the issue. I'm having a major problem with cubase 4. I downloaded it from here on CP but every time I try to runCubase it some how some way shuts down or crashes! So does anyone have any idea what could be going wrong? I need some help because I really don't like FL ( not that I have anything against it just haven't figured out how to use the damn program yet.).

    So far I have Reason 4, Cubase 4, & FL 8 XXL but mainly using Reason 4. I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GETplease help me???

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    The reason is because it is not cracked by a scene team, like AiR, H20, DYNAMiCS, AMPLiFY etc. The dongle is the root to all the problems. If u see any Cubase 4 or Cubase Studio 4 downloads there's a 95% chance that its unstable. It might work for a lil while but doing certain things will make it crash, or it will crash randomly. That's why there's so may ppl using SX3 still. The LE version might work better but there's limitations. Chances are that it wont be cracked by any of them, Cubase 5 is already here.

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    Yeabut wut is the point if I'm just gon' get that and have the same issues feel me? ***pause***

    Well I guess I'll go ahead and delete Cubase though since I more than likely wont be able to find the dongle

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    Yeah I had the same problems.
    Random crashes and shit.
    Cubase SX3 from H2O is stable and that's what I was using.

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    you may just stick with sx3 but heah it works than those unstable daws that tend to crash...i use neundo 3 from H20 riight now..and it works fine on my comp =]

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    yeah, ever since steinberg paid off h20, there's been no1 to crack the new versions. you can stay with sx3 if you want but there are better DAWs out there imo...

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    yea, cubase4 hasn't been cracked yet. try nuendo 3 or cubase 3 by h2o.
    Quote Originally Posted by showbiznine View Post
    you can stay with sx3 if you want but there are better DAWs out there imo...
    protools ftw, easier to use than cubase. $$$ spent on hardware > $$$ spent on software (plus protools hardware come with software).

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    well then again people use what they feel comfortable basically test out demos and stuff and see what program your comfortable with or get some here and then yeah..

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