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Thread: Creating Volume drops & Pitch Changes in FL Studio?

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    Icon5 Creating Volume drops & Pitch Changes in FL Studio?

    I want to add some places in my beats where the entire beat drops out (or the volume changes to 0%). I tried using automation clips and the volume dropped, but it didn't come back up, so the beat kept playing at a volume of 0. What do I do so that the volume only drops to zero for a second or two and then goes back to 100% right afterwards?

    I have the same problem with pitch automation as well. I don't know how to get the pitch to pop back in place after I've automated it.

    Any advice on automation or completely other ways to change volume and pitch are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Creating Volume drops & Pitch Changes in FL Studio?

    Usually the pitch will be at 0 cent to start with if its not just remember how many cent it is after you look at it on the channel settings. For automation you generally you want your automation to start and end with volume or pitch at the same values so when they loop the automation doesn't "continue where it left off". You still can have it like the screenshot below but when u stop or pause its not gonna reset itself until the automation clip is triggered again.

    If you don't want to mess up your pattern cuz you have a note at the end just make another automation clip. 50% = normal pitch. Volume is 100% max and 0% min. When you do that go to settings on the top of the clip and choose make unique. Now go to the new clips settings in channel source and choose the new clip it should say like pitch channel #2. I only said this because if you didnt do that the first automation clip controls all others. Its easier from the playlist to do automation imo. When working in the playlist 50% is always the starting point for pitch.

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    Default Re: Creating Volume drops & Pitch Changes in FL Studio?

    not sure about pitch bending but I guess its the same.

    but with the volume automation all you need to do is create another point (or two) with your right click to raise it back up to normal volume

    there is some other ways you can put the "spaces" in the beat without automation tho, pm me if you want more details as to how to f*** with it

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    Default Re: Creating Volume drops & Pitch Changes in FL Studio?

    Automation is the best way to go. I automate all of my volumes and i also automate the pitch drops within my beats. Also you can use image line gross beat for the pitch drops

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