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Thread: creating a snare role on reason

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    Default creating a snare role on reason

    if ne 1 knos how to make a good snare drum role can u please post how to do it...if you dont know wut im talkin about like this kind

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    basically what you do is use th ReDrum, then pick your snare's, then you snap grid to the piano roll (like how you view the piano) you'll see each one on a channel then you fill in each snare as you want it . now if you want them closer you set the it to 1/64 & user.

    or use the NN-XT & get ONE snare, set the drum roll out, then use the pitch bend or set them on different keys (I think this is what your wantin).

    it works good if you drop the velocity on every other note too. try it out & see what sounds good to you.

    let me know if this helps
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