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    Yo.. lets say u put sum beats on a cd n sent em to be copyrighted n shit.. and u used one of the beats u sent in but it varied from wat u sent.. like it broke down for 4 bars prolly when da ----- is spittin sum ill shit.. would it still be str8 or would u have to send the new version in..

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    As long as you have the orginal beat registered you should be good.

    If you are a composer and can actually write the musical score your automatically protected (tho its still ideal to register the song) but you should be sr8 if you send it in and you don't stray too far from your orginal version.

    If someone is going to copy your shit then it boils down to who came up with the beat first in court, as long as your orginal concept is registered with a PA registration you should be good.

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    Once you have someone lay vocals to your tracks it becomes a new project so you would have to Register new version . The only way you wouldn't have to register a new verison is if nothing new is added ( notes, sounds,Vocals, ect.. )

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