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Thread: Audition 3, No Sound?!

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    Default Audition 3, No Sound?!

    Yo peepz,

    I just got audition 3...but i cant hear anything...

    I hooked up a usb midi keyboard via usb only...when i hit the keys i see the notes that i hit on the bottom left...i tried different audio settings and vsti' i missing something?

    Thank in advance

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    Default Re: Audition 3, No Sound?!

    youtube my friend it works wonders yo

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    Default Re: Audition 3, No Sound?!

    make sure all the setting on your sound card is properly set....just go to preferences and check our audio.. if you have a sound card and an on-board sound card. A3 picks your computers on board. for some odd reason it only does it for midi. so you have to make sure all your setting for your sound card and midi setting are set properly...and there aren't really any vids on youtube that helps with this problem...I looked. i would actually suggest downloading an audition 3 manual. they are always good reference

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    Default Re: Audition 3, No Sound?!

    check what sound device is set in your preference tab


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