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    Ok im having a problem that goes something like this: Using Reason 4.0 to make my beats. I have 5.1 surround sound on my PC with the sub at a decent level and everything is coming thru clear with good thump but not too much bass. i use Acid Pro to convert my reason WAVs to MP3 and its still all good when i play it back on my PC. But when i get to my homies house and throw it on his system im getting way too much bass and some distortion unless he jacks the bass down to like -20. I try to make up for it by adjusting EQ and all that but then i get a "thin" sounding track on my PC and the results on his system still not to my preference. So my question Is there anyway to balance it out and make it so my tracks sound good on any random stereo system or is this something i need to figure out on my own?

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    u need studio monitors and learn how to mix it has nothing to do with reason just tha way u are mixing ur tracks .... juss keep practing mixing peace - beatbustaent - TORONTO, CA - Hip Hop / Pop / Club -

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    you gotta use monitors cause the surround sound is gonna give you false reading of how the sound is actually sounding in the stereo field.

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    Yea I just had a big issue with that. My audio drivers were HD Audio Surround sound 7.1 and it was like the driver put a limiter on everything, and made more bass. Now that I think about it was some stupid driver that installed into WMP 11. But surround is made to make everything sound good. If you choose to get monitors make sure you get monitors that don't hide anything, you want monitors that have a raw sound.

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    thanks for those responses dept an money, much better suggestion than i need to learn how to mix.

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