Howdy ya'lls.
Wasgood? So, this my first time posting here, don't hate if I'm doing something wrong. I tried reading all the "Read me first" things.
My dad and I dropped our debut album last year, haven't got too much attention from it. I think there are some pretty decent tracks on this album and while its mostly electronic music it has some hints and influences of HipHop.
(Is this a HipHop only forum?)
Feedback would be greatly appreciated as well.

Heres the main HipHop track from the album;
A symphonic, orchestral urban track. I wrote it while in Rio De Janeiro and I wanted to convey the Favela (Brazilian slum) feel with a sense of sadness and solitude. Hence the name, Orphan. So many street kids there that have few options and its quite tragic.

The Ancient Boom On iTunes

Thanks for checking it out gang.
Also, all the proceeds from any purchases go directly to the work I do down here in South America with the UN and other social groups.


Dj (don't judge me for my user name, its gonna change, its untrue and just way old)