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    What's up everybody?
    I used to frequent this site starting back in 06-2011 under the name rocky15727.

    Long story short, I had to give up music for a few years to focus on my family.

    So, I'm back to it but damn things are different!
    I don't know what's out, what's being used, etc.

    I had a bunch of install files saved but a lot of the stuff I had is mad outdated. Some of it is still pretty dope and usable but some of it I can't find the files to go with it so I just canned them.

    I did a fresh install of FL and I still have a lot of my drum sounds from before but now I'm trying to catch up to 2016 as far as vsts and stuff is concerned.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    It's doesn't seem as simple as a torrent anymore these days lol

    I do plan on investing and buying more equipment and software over time, but I suffered a major blow because this past Jan (after all this damn time) I lost my keyboard and MacBook in a storage room (the mac needed to be repaired anyways)

    So now, I have my pc and my 2nd monitor and an M-Audio Keystudio 49 keyboard ($20 ayyee).

    Thanks everyone and to CP I'm glad this site is still up and running.


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    Default Re: Quick Question

    Hey 813Music - I was in a similar situation to you - slowed down on music due to family.

    I have a free drum kit here: Store - Messy Beatz Messy Beatz which might help to get you started.
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