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Thread: nov1-1-2010

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    Made this yesterday. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!

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    that piano echos hard, owwwww the low you brought in is very hard bruh. wow. this is outta this world bruh . drum works is stupid. i need the drum pack u use on this. thats a rock snare?? mann u going stupidn on this. i just wish for some change ups that all that its missin. shit hard man forreal.

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    thanks for the feedback man, much appreciated!

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    Def feelin this. I like the melodies especially when the new sounds come in. Good changeups. Not really a fan of the kick, but it fits in with the rest of the drums so i cant complain. but ya the melodies are really nice. Keep it up

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    Pretty ill, I'm gonna agree about some change-ups. It goes hard but stays there, it doesnt wind down or back up. The synth is a nice touch. Definitely got a warrior/samurai feel to it. Pianos may need to turned down a little. You use compression??? Other than that-- thumbs up.

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