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Thread: Need Feed, Composed beat...

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    Default Need Feed, Composed beat...

    I steped away from the samples a little bit since the last joint I dont remember If I posted here or not... If not I'll do it in a sec...

    But yeah.. I'm trying to up my composing game... let me know what you think or what I could do diff to improve this

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    wel it is the same thing over n over lol vrything sounds good but its repeitive

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    Default Re: Need Feed, Composed beat...

    Yeah, soundin really good, just repetative. Most of mine are too, just cause they instrumentals of remixes ive done. So to fix that, I just cut tha time down on them so they dont sound so repetative, yameen? But this is a great sound bruh, Good work. 1

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    likin the drums alot..not feelin the strings u used..melody isnt bad its just he strings..very very repetitive..u gotta switch this up and the strings are way to dry..fix this up get a better mix and add more stuff

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    Default Re: Need Feed, Composed beat...

    This good composing if its not really ur thing...I could hear a rapper with a fifty cent voice on this...he be on dat repetitive beats...
    Good Mix tho...

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    Default Re: Need Feed, Composed beat...

    yea, this is good... i like the pattern of the strings...

    drums are nice....

    i would add a bit more to this before calling it a finished product....but nice

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