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Thread: My First Beat! NEED FEEDBACK!

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    Default My First Beat! NEED FEEDBACK!

    Honestly, I can't really describe what I did with this haha. I guess you can say it's got an up-beat, smooth sound too it. I don't know, I'll let you guys decide. Like I stated in the thread title, this is my first beat using FL Studio. Sorry I couldn't host it on SoundClick, wasn't working for me for some reason.


    EDIT: OK, got SoundClick working!
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    Default Re: My First Beat! NEED FEEDBACK!

    you get a 10 for effort my dude .. this beat actually has potential in my opinion. i think if you chopped it up a little , it would sound dope .. and turn the kick up cuz it's barely noticeable . i think you did good , but you might wanna step in and rework this .. good work .

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    damn, for your beat, you did a hella good job! And I wouldn't lie! I don't know If I really like the way it's reversed, but the next person might. I think you should add more kick though. Good Job!

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    word, i dig the reverse on this. the drums is not bad also for some starting joint. nice work and keep working on this a bit, it does have potential.
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    Default Re: My First Beat! NEED FEEDBACK!

    I too am diggin the reversed sample. LIke er'body else said, work on those drums. Precussion is the heartbeat of your track. With hip hop'ish stuff you really want to "feel" them come through.

    Definately not bad for your 1st beat though...

    Peace, Jon

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    Default Re: My First Beat! NEED FEEDBACK!

    Thanks so much guys! Yeah, I about the kick, I just wanted to play it safe and turn it down, I was afraid it would overpower the beat haha. But yeah, I'm definitely gonna re-work this beat! Once again, thanks a lot, appreciate the feedback, keep it coming!

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