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Thread: jazz night and the final destination

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    Default jazz night and the final destination

    I'm a film and tv composer and a hip-hop/R&B producer hired me to make a unque outro for his artist album, very new territory for me lol. I sometimes do functional hip hop tracks but mainstream R&B is a whole new ball game for me. So far I have 2 scores to show him, both far over the top for what he wants lol.

    One is live jazz and the other is almost full orchestra. There is no way this is gonna fly for a normal album. Great for soundrack...most likely I will have to make something else for him. he sometimes pays me to arrange string parts but I doubt he was expecting this lol.

    He said interesting....the second track will have drums and bass guitar later if he likes the arrangement. Non of the tracks are ready to roll out quality wise.

    jazz night

    Final Destination
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    hrmm weird lol final destination sound like a movie thats starting lol cant say much about jazz night it was to short imean it sounded good tho lol
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    yeah, he only wanted 3 seconds orgionally that's why, then he changed his mind...

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    Default Re: jazz night and the final destination

    not my type of thing but well done
    this guy you working for is a hard task master
    good work keep it up
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    da first one was way 2 short n da
    second one aint bad but it sound
    like movie a happy ending
    for like resident evil or sum shit hahaha...
    did u compose dat shit or wut? if u
    composed it dats clean......

    keep it lit

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    ^^ yeah I compose all my music. I make film music, that's why its interesting I'm on this project lol.


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