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Thread: In a slowmo mood (feedback returned)

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    Default In a slowmo mood (feedback returned)

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    peeeeepin...mellow..laid back...sample is coool...drums are ight..kinda repetitive ..shit sounds good tho..just a lil too repetetive for me ..

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    sample is dope, bass seems a bit loud...drums are ok... change up is cool, but still a bit too repetitive...not a bad jam tho...keep it goin man
    Quote Originally Posted by Fantastique View Post
    The mixing is nice as usual
    Typical Damnage beat, everything on point.

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    Thanks for the listen.

    @Damnage, the bass sucks actually but I couldn't find anything better.

    If anybody needs some feed too, just drop a link to your stuff. ;)

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    Would turn down the bass, kinda sounds out of tune also

    Drumline is really repetive, this was okay, i heard better from u last time

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    Nice beat. got a chill vibe to it. its a little repetitive but thats fine for this type of beat. Just make sure to switch up the drums every once in a while. also, u should extend the last note of the brass a little and make it fade. The way its stops sounds unnatural.
    Good beat

    check out my link


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