Since I skipped the introduction part (nobody seems to read nor replies there, but the moderators.. no offense.. ), here is some :

I'm 31, for France. Been music lover since childhood, crappy guitar player since late teenage years, then started self learning production 3 years ago. I've been on NI Maschine since last August, which allowed me to deliver and learn a loooooooot more since then (well, considering I have a full time job..).

I've been collaborating with an acquaintance, rapper & crappy sound engineer, as it allowed me to get some concrete production goals, and now I feel ready to find something more serious.

Even though, production-wise, I'm mostly leaned to do sample beats, I try to also create "genuine" productions (mean, no samples), because I've always loved melody & harmony works (finished a "first" one a few days ago). That said, I'm still more at ease with samples.

So yeah, I talk a bit too much, but what I expect here at first, is to find somekind of "partner", basically, a vocalist.
But since most of you are in the US (or so it seems), it would be probably better if this collaboration could be done online.
Which would require :
1/ means to record (leading to..)
2/ Some experience, because even though I'm not experienced enough to be >very< picky with recording quality, there's a minimum..

I'm quite a humble person, and I don't ask much (well, nothing, money-wise). Receiving a satisfying proposition would be enough of a reward. Because I'm confident I'm still quite a new born, and I still learn with EVERY song

As for the few sounds I can show (sadly, some of my recent work is stucked somewhere.. ) :

As for producers, (every type of) feedback is greatly encouraged, and do not hesitate to request some from me here. TBH, I won't have time to wander here and post feedback randomly.. :x

And last question : I was appealed with these "Rappers looking for beats.." pages, and I would really appreciate if some here, could share their experience with this.

Did you spam a lot of guys on these lists ? On their official pages / soundclouds etc ?
Do you often get feedback (positive or not ?) ?
Who was able to work with someone this way ?

If you read everything until here, well, I'm amazed. I don't know if I would

Thank you for your time !!

ps to mods : I should have done split subjects, and I was lazy. I will understand if I get the stick