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Thread: Are we competing too much for spoils?!!!

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    Icon10 Are we competing too much for spoils?!!!

    I believe in competition but it seems as though us producers are numerous in numbers fighting for a chance to get minimal amounts of prospects. We're not publishing our own material, we're leasing tracks that we love for pennies and we're barraging our own A-Alikes for small doorways of exposure! The tides have got to change.....artist are posting, "Looking for beats", but they are sitting back and letting us reel ourselves in for what; manipulation and baby points. What if there was a pool of producers who said, "If you're looking for beats, then you have no choice but to come to us". What if all of those producers had their own publishing but dedicated a proportion of the income back to the whole and after expenses, profits was split amongst the whole? Of course you have to implement policy to make sure every producer is putting in equal amounts of work but every producer wins.....not a problem. What's your thoughts on it.....?
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    Default Re: Are we competing too much for spoils?!!!

    My thoughts are....Music speaks for itself. If you have good beats then artist are going to take notice. You may have to sacrifice a little to get a lot, you know what I'm sayin. Send your beats to these big names either commercial or underground and if you by chance get a slot on their album or mixtape or whatever that just expands your chances of getting heard by potential clients that want to purchase your music. LIke I said. if your beats are good, your profits are going to be and you might have people fighting for a chance to get a beat from you.

    I myself, want to be paid for my hard work. but hard work doesn't end when I'm done with the beat. This is a competition no matter how you look at it

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