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    Aite, So I been working with FL for like a Month now...

    I just recently learned how to sample, And I'm finding it a lil difficult to get some of this shit right...

    Heres What I'm Working With So Far...

    Repetitive, I know, But Thats What I'm looking to change...

    I'm going for a 90's Sound... But I wanna make it somewhat modern... like a hi tek or static selektah
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    Default Re: Aite, Someone Help Me Out...

    read that......

    get yourself some vsts.....drumkits....then just keep practicing.....

    that dont sound too bad, but it is repetitive, like you said....

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    Yea that sounds straight, only thing would be to turn down the strings. i would try throwin in somethin else like a bell, bass line, somethin that flows with your main sample then mix it up in your playlist. Just mess around with it and see what you can pull from it. I like how it builds then everything is brought in. Maybe afterwards drop it back down to the verse from the chorus.

    Props man, keep workin at it!

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    peeepin.yea def repetitive..u got the basic idea...gotta switch it up tho..add a baseline..drum the sample once in a while..shits mad easy once u get it..keep grindin ma dude

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    Default Re: Aite, Someone Help Me Out...

    I think this better fits in the home made beat section. Your not asking any questions that you need help with and ppl are leaving feedback instead.

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