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Thread: VH1 Hip-Hop Honers

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    Default VH1 Hip-Hop Honers

    Tho They said they would they didn't Honer 2pac Wonder why lol

    anywayz Out of all of the performances im going to have to say Big Daddy Kane killed it. He was still doing splits and his old dance moves like it was nothing. Still spit the rhymes line for line every single word and never skipped a beat.

    They gave props to Boyz in tha Hood and if you from da hood mainly in Cali you respected dat. I love that movie i have seen it myself like 15 times. I was happy to see that happen.

    I liked the bigge honer sept for snitchin ass Cease A Snitcho on stage reppin for him. His son is growing up to look just like him

    Grand Master Flash and da Furious Five kilt it. Tho one of the members looks like hes on some Serious Sterioids lol there show was aii

    Rev Run and Russle simmons were very funny i enjoyed them. Kanye of course killed Gold diggas his dj wasn't as hot as tha one that he had at tha VMAZ however.

    It seemed kinda cheesy but it was aii for what it was

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    Default Re: VH1 Hip-Hop Honers

    i dont remember them sayin they were gunna honor pac. he was honored at the last show.


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