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    Okay all my musically inclined brethren & sisters. It's time that we get together and stop the nonsense that is going on in music. The cloning of styles, content and concepts. What happened to originality. How many ways can you sling, sell, cook, etc. etc. drugs. Why do we wait to hear a song on whatever station is popular to believe that song is hot. Are the program directors some psychic music connessiur. Maybe it's corporate backing that has the stations pushing certain music. I don't know. All I know is that I'm tired of the same type of song being 7 out of the top 10 songs on countdowns. If we as listeners demand more, then we will receive more. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe people want drugs, guns, bling and all types of material shit. Not that there's anything wrong with material things, it's just that too much of anything is not good for you. Let's demand more from our artists, from our radio stations, from our record companies, and DAMMIT FROM OURSELVES.

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    u r right but u know artist will only make songs that apeal to people and make them money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrome
    u r right but u know artist will only make songs that apeal to people and make them money.
    that is true.. not a lot of artists are going to put out something brand spankin new... as in style i mean... if its not popular you can pretty much count it out


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    listen to college radio, they're usually on in odd hours, like 2 to 4 am or something, and got lots of stuff you may not know, but just might like. alot of them take call in requests too... so tell them what you want to listen to and maybe they'll play it for you


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