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Thread: Thirty dead in Brazil gang attacks

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    Default Thirty dead in Brazil gang attacks

    Thirty dead in Brazil gang attacks

    Up to 30 people including 23 police officers, have been killed in gang attacks in Brazil.

    The attacks were believed to be related to a transfer in the jails of organized crime leaders of the First Command Capital, known as the PCC.

    The leaders were being transferred in an attempt to foil a coordinated rebellion in various prisons across Sao Paulo.

    Local TV footage showed scenes of bullet-hole-riddled police cars and stations with puddles of blood in seats and on the pavement.

    Saulo de Abreu, the secretary of security of Sao Paulo state, said: "This attack is an attempt to show force and principally to mess with the sense of safety among the population. The police will not retreat from these attacks."

    He said 16 people had been arrested for alleged participation in the attacks.

    Officials also said there were 55 separate attacks on police, firemen, penitentiary staff and their families and several other potentially related incidences of violence in the state were being investigated.

    By midday Saturday, 16 police, three civil guards, four off-duty penitentiary agents, two civilians and five bandits had been killed in the attacks.

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    Default Re: Thirty dead in Brazil gang attacks

    dang....gangs outa states r smarter then in tah states ..they actulli organize their crimes


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