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    The Godfather
    EA pulls out all the stops with its GTA-styled Godfather.
    by Douglass C. Perry

    February 10, 2005 - No matter how big or small, if you're creating a "living-breathing, open world city" with Italian mobsters and drive-by shootings, you're heading into Grand Theft Auto territory. The comparisons are simply going to happen. So, we'll make this brief: If you're going to make a game of this kind, you'd better do it big. Having secured the Paramount Pictures license for the use of The Godfather in videogames, Electronic Arts has tapped into the godfather of all mafia movies, and we're happy to say EA is laying down an Italian gaming feast with all the trimmings, cannoli included.

    Tapping the talents of more than 20 actors and actresses from the first film, EA's The Godfather puts players in the shoes of a young, ambitious mobster who ascends through the ranks of the Corleone family, earning respect and loyalty along the way in the race to become the next Don. Using the voices of the late Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone, James Caan as Sonny Corleone, and Robert Duvall as consigliore Tom Hagen (but not Robert Dinero or Al Pacino), the multiplatform game (Xbox, PS2, PC, PSP and "next-gen systems," i.e. Xbox 2) re-creates New York City from 1945 to 1955 with a colorful and dramatic landscape of characters, backgrounds and branching storylines.

    The Godfather is an action-adventure game comprising about 80% on-foot action and 20% in vehicles, giving gamers the weapons and vehicles appropriate to the times, i.e. Tommy Guns, shotguns, handguns, baseball bats, and extravagant, boat-like Buicks, Fords, and Oldsmobiles. But while EA's Redwood Shores team has the The Godfather movie license, the award-winning film is an inspiration rather than a blueprint to make the game. That means fans of mafia-type games will experience quintessential moments from the movie, but they'll add their own new chapters by playing this game.

    You'll generate your own character for starters. Using the face-creating technology from Tiger Woods PGA Tour and The Sims, players can create an ethnically correct (read: Italian male) character to start. From there, you work through the ranks, collecting money from small businessmen using the skill of intimidating persuasiveness or the threat of violence to get the job done. Additionally, gathering information and learning about jobs and hits takes place through constant communication with the game's NPCs, which play a large role in the story's evolution. In a neat wrinkle to the genre, over the 10-year period of the game, your character's looks change. His face will wrinkle, and perhaps he'll gain weight and begin graying.

    Intimidate shop keepers with mild or violent actions.
    Unlike Grand Theft Auto, but along the lines of True Crime: Streets of LA, your actions will affect the storyline, with three branches that provide three different endings. Characters "remember" your interactions with them, so that as you progress and encounter them later, they'll react accordingly. If you beat the hell out of them, they'll be scared, or if you were nice, they might smile or act friendly. Each action sends ripples throughout the community to help cement your reputation.

    Does this mean that Sonny Corleone doesn't take the spray of three dozen Tommy gun bullets in the film's most bloody scene? EA's Senior Producer Hunter Smith explained that The Godfather will stay true to the fiction, meaning that your character can neither help not hinder Sonny's inevitable death. The same is true to all parts of the movie, meaning that yes, Vito Corleone dies in a tragic slow-motion scene walking through the tomato vines, Michael Corleone becomes the new Don, and Fredo (if there is a Godfather 2) gets the kiss of death from brother Michael.

    But you can affect the ending, depending on how hardcore of a gamer you are. Attaining one of the three endings depends somewhat on the quality and quantity of jobs you take. If you're a hard-ass killer and you intimidate everyone, you're more likely to get one ending, versus acting in a more benign, friendly fashion. Still, the game stays true to the movie, so if you read the book and watched the movie a dozen times like I've done over the years, you won't be surprised.

    The Godfather looks like EA's entrée into Grand Theft Auto phenomenon, the one that cemented Take-Two as a major player in the game industry. EA is way past needing to forge its name in the industry, but with Francisco Ford Coppola's fantastic movie as its landscape, EA's game is certain to do several things: A) Gain a lot of attention from the mainstream press because, after all, everyone has seen The Godfather, and if they haven't, they should. B) Using The Godfather as a means to create a GTA-style game is undoubtedly intriguing. How much like the movie will it be? How will the evolving storyline work out? Will the drama of the five families' struggles to gain ultimate power shine through? Can EA beat Rockstar at its own game? See? Just a few quick seconds thinking about it makes one very curious indeed. C) EA's game is very early looking right now, and many aspects -- like the play mechanics, the physics, the control, all of the important things -- have been held back, so we cannot determine how well the game plays at this point. There is no need to worry yet. It's due this fall, which gives the team about nine months to make it all happen.

    At this early stage, I can say The Godfather looks only mildly original, and from the screenshots and little snippets, there is nothing drastically different in it that I haven't seen or played before. It gleans a little from many previous titles. EA's movie-game models the basic elements from GTA's open city structure and NPCs; the storyline branching seems similar but not exactly the same as that in True Crime, and in the sense that it takes place in an older age, it's similar in looks and style to Mafia.

    Characters will "remember" your deeds as the game progresses.
    After having played all of the games mentioned above, plus Mercenaries and The Getaway, all I can say is this, The Godfather better be damned good. Right now, there isn't much that can top GTA: San Andreas or Mercenaries in the field, and EA has the monkey on its back to make or break this one, having the Godfather license and all. When all is said and done this fall, I sincerely hope it's a game no one can refuse. But until then, I await its outcome with an open mind, crossed arms, and a smirk on my face. The license indeed might be impressive, but without a great game to back it up, it's just more Hollywood showbiz in my eyes.


    A few reader reviews:

    The Godfather
    The Don Of All Games
    By Raz536
    This Review's Trust Rating: 4 stars

    March 25, 2006 - This game is awesome, iv'e always loved the godfather and have awaited a game for ages. When i heard EA were takin on this beast i got very exited. After about a year of waiting i finally received the game through the post on the day of release. At first impression, its every thing you want it to be, create your own mobster,official clips from the film, VO's, NYC. EA have made this game amazingly realistic. People say, oh it will never reign superior above the likes of GTA, i personally dont think EA set out to attain that. They wanted to make a game about the film and thats what they did. The setting, the cars, the people, the things you have to do (extorting buisnesses, vendetta levels etc...) it all comes together to create the ultimate godfather experience. The one and only complaint i would make is no Al Pacino. He was the main character in the film and possibly the greatest, but the new mike corleone is great, more like the mike in the book. Overall, superb game, a must buy for all fans and non-fans (if there is any). A game that will live on forever.
    Reader's Ratings for The Godfather (PS2)
    Rating Description
    out of 10 click here for ratings guideGet Ratings Information
    8.9 Presentation
    Beutiful graphics, rendered perfectly, characters look like their real life counterparts. Nice introduction which keeps you playin until the very end.
    9.3 Graphics
    Yes, graphics are awesome, what you would expect from an EA game.Windows are not see-through on vehicles which is a shame, hardly recognise that though (especially when they smashed up)
    9.8 Sound
    Again, no fault in the sound, everything sounds as it should, music suits the game alot. feels and sounds like mafia music.
    9.8 Gameplay
    Driving is a little dodgy at the start but its ok when u get used to it. Shootouts are incredible, fighting using analogue sticks weird at first but it works.
    9.5 Lasting Appeal
    I, being a fan of the series and of the franchise, will most definatly go back and play it again, Plain and simply because of the shootouts, extorting buisnesses, gang wars, this game is just awesome
    9.7 OVERALL
    (out of 10 / not an average)

    The Godfather
    The Don loves videogames
    By Sirnicholas45
    This Review's Trust Rating: 5 stars

    March 23, 2006 - This game is brillent, IGN idk what ur doing 2 missed ratings i would have given this game at least a 9. Im italian and i love the godfather film the greatest of all time but EA did say this game isnt nessisaraly ment to follow the movie page for set your own destiny in this game. The absence of Micheal for most of the game i have played is kind of a disapointment considering the fact he is Don Vito's aier to the Corleone Family. The best part by far is the business take over and bank robing this game captures Mafia life from the godfather and puts it into your hands...Bellisema, Bravo, Tutto bene thats all i have to say.
    Reader's Ratings for The Godfather (PS2)
    Rating Description
    out of 10 click here for ratings guideGet Ratings Information
    8.8 Presentation
    Micheal isnt in much of the game so far kinda disapointed by that fact.
    8.5 Graphics
    not the best graphics on PS2 but not the worst
    9.5 Sound
    Great voices with the late marlon brando and pocino great stuff
    10 Gameplay
    love the game play cant get past the fighting and business take over
    10 Lasting Appeal
    a movie for the ages...and now a videogame for the ages
    10 OVERALL
    (out of 10 / not an average)

    The Godfather
    violence violence violence and i love it
    By lilchad
    This Review's Trust Rating: 4 1/2 stars

    March 24, 2006 - a great way to make the movie look much better action gore extorting shops and its shop keeper and violence yeah baby keep the good work up ea the game also allows tou to steal cars plant bombs kill whoever you want get paid weekly bribe crooked cops and gruesome executions just get them in the right position and press r2 do missions for the corleone family customise your looks from head to bottom
    explore little italy florida and much more this is a solid game and a must have for all gamers too bad it isnt multiplayer
    Reader's Ratings for The Godfather (PS2)
    Rating Description
    out of 10 click here for ratings guideGet Ratings Information
    9.0 Presentation
    8.0 Graphics
    solid graphics
    7.0 Sound
    a bit ok olden day music why not?
    9.0 Gameplay
    always something to do
    9.0 Lasting Appeal
    a must have in youre collection
    9.0 OVERALL
    (out of 10 / not an average)

    The Godfather
    Leave the gun, take the cannoli. And this game.
    By lord_coal
    This Review's Trust Rating: Unrated

    March 27, 2006 - The Godfather: A film license on a knife edge, either going to be utter crap or pure class. When a company acquires a license like this, there will never be a middle ground, not because the game can't be average, of course it can be, just that the films have influenced the modern world so much, that fans, critics and cynics won't ever allow it to be average.

    From the moment the game boots up, you know EA have taken care. The Paramount logo is coupled with the films grainy opening music, before the title screen pops up, a simple image of Marlon Brando's Vito Corleone, all black and white, but for the single bright red rose on his tux.

    This game is not a simple adaptation of the films, instead EA have opted for a sandbox environment, with several missions based fairly loosely on events from the first film. Your custom created character plays a pivotal role in the storyline, though always managing to remain out of situations that would contradict what you'll have seen in the film.

    Who sneaks the gun into the restaurant toilet for Michael to whack Sollozzo and McCluskey? You. Who kills Paulie Gatto? You. Who drives Vito Corleone's ambulance? You get the idea.

    In between missions you can do what you like, you can extort businesses, bribe officials, buy new firearms. Whatever. Your main objective is to become the Don of NYC. To do this you'll need to take over rival families fronts, rackets, warehouses, hubs and compounds, as well as completing all hit side missions, and collecting some, err.... collectibles.

    Technically, the Godfather game is brilliant, with few glitches, only very small amounts of pop-up, and an engaging and challenging, but not too difficult storyline.

    The only two problems I have with the game are that sometimes the music feels a little out of place, and the fact that saving and loading both take ages. These are, of course, minor issues, and it's still a very impressive game.
    Reader's Ratings for The Godfather (PS2)
    Rating Description
    out of 10 click here for ratings guideGet Ratings Information
    9.5 Presentation
    Authentic, true to what you'd expect from the films and such a rich company.
    8.4 Graphics
    Lush, believable, if a bit lifeless.
    7.5 Sound
    The right sound, sometimes at the wrong time.
    9.3 Gameplay
    Awesome. Nothing more can be said.
    8.5 Lasting Appeal
    Plenty replay value.
    8.8 OVERALL
    (out of 10 / not an average)

    The Godfather
    This game is da JOINT
    By Twix523
    This Review's Trust Rating: 4 stars

    March 22, 2006 - for better then GTA..i mean maybe thats pushin it a lil but all in all the whole analog fight night thin takes a lil time to get used to it but its really good so worth the money i spent gettin it on the first day, i wish godfather took place in da yr 2000 or somethin modern den it woulda been even tighter but its nice to have an old feel 2 it, its def worth buyin and i feel 7.9 is way to low of a score fo a game of this calaber so i think they didnt do it justice..but all i gotta say is Welcome 2 the Family
    Reader's Ratings for The Godfather (PS2)
    Rating Description
    out of 10 click here for ratings guideGet Ratings Information
    10 Presentation
    AMazing amazing amazing stuff
    9.4 Graphics
    they are ok far better then GTA's graphics Word
    9.5 Sound
    The sound is good maybe they coulda used like a radio in the car woulda made it mo betta but its just as good
    9.0 Gameplay
    The analog hittin thin takes a lil time of gettin used to but its ok
    10 Lasting Appeal
    9.6 OVERALL
    (out of 10 / not an average)


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    Default Re: The Godfather: PS2 game review

    played it. thought it was a good game. had me hooked i had 2 pull myself away to get back to work

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    same here i got hooked for a bit and then stopped nice game

    yo i love the soundtrack and i looked all over the net for it
    but no luck can anyone get it or know where to find it please let me know

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    Default Re: The Godfather: PS2 game review

    yea that game was juss like gta but better and i got hooked like wulde'nt get off but got bored of it..

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    Default Re: The Godfather: PS2 game review

    I´ve bought it last week & yeeah this game is DOPE !! waayy betta that san andreas !!!

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    I rented it and thought it was dope. Haven't had money to buy games recently (damn gas prices!) but when i do I'm gonna get it.

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    lol i never pay for games
    well i do but it cost me just the blank cd price :D


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